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"These Rare Moments" - Jungbluth

I haven’t retained enough German to do as thorough research into Jungbluth as I’d like, but there are plenty of flags that will catch the interest of any who may be interested in the political German skramz punks. Jungbluth is a trio of Alpinist members making nuanced noise that fits in well with the expansive, atmosphere-conscious European brand of heavy DIY shriekers, though their version of the oft-mentioned “post-rock tendencies is twisted and subverted into a more disturbing sound; it even sounds straight black metal a time or two.

Again, though they’re lyrics are German, the band makes a point of giving a damn. Their new album, Part Ache, has German lyrics and English opining on the page for every song on Bandcamp. Their Facebook bio (one of my favorite places to get quick reads on a band) reads:


Jungbluth is a political hc/punk band from Münster, Germany. We strongly disagree with any pro-views on fascism, racism, homophobia, sexism and any other form of discrimination.

And the Bandcamp bio:

Karl Jungbluth, german communist and antifascistresistance fighterduring World War Two.

Those things certainly aren’t hard to get behind. The nine-track LP is (almost) free on Bandcamp, with physcal copies available through Halo of Flies (US) and Vendetta Records (EUR). Have a heart, rage it out. Much like yesterday’s skramz featurePart Ache has a standout finale worth working through the whole album for.

- Tyler Hanan

"Extrospection" - Sed Non Satiata

Jaws hit the floor, hearts fluttered, and at least five guys toting around backpacks covered in band patches squealed audibly; the long-awaited, highly anticipated followup to Sed Non Satiata’s self-titled 2009 record is here.

The French post-skramz auteurs’ new album has been teased out all summer - and by “teased out” I mean “ten dudes on the internet kept wondering where the hell it was - but a Bandcamp link finally started bouncing around message boards this morning. We all squealed like little girls for our beloved anti-Biebers and dove in.

I post the first track, the one that was already available, because it’s the best place to start. Mappō is a dense album, abundant with climaxes expanding outward for multiple minutes and minimal intros stringing blown-back listeners back into the fold. It’s an interconnected journey, a true experience, and, according to the first responders able to form words, everything we’ve hoped for. Start here, and let it carry you through the fantastical scapes to the fantastic finale, “Soma.”

It’s been a long time since the self-titled left me entranced in the library quiet room on a bright summer day. It’s cooler out today than it was that day, but the sun still shines brightly through these windows as I seek that same rapture in music once more. [Bandcamp]

- Tyler Hanan

"Permanent State of Daylight" - Calculator

Capping a fine week of Calculator news, the California quintet’s Kickstarter was funded this Monday evening. Functioning as a preorder of sorts, the Kickstarter ended with $1,762, well beyond the $1,000 goal. This means the repressing of These Roots Grow Deep will be going forward, as will the pressing of the new full-length This Will Come To Pass. In the meantime, Zosia Mamet is still waiting on another $30,000 to make that music video. Stay strong, Zo.

The successful funding of a Kickstarter that actually has a shred of humanity wasn’t the only Calculator news, though. After debuting new songs from the album on PunkNews and SiqShit, the band posted the album on Bandcamp on Saturday. The album is streaming in full, all 13 thrilling tracks, and the album is sounding as exceptional as fans had been sure it would. It’s replete with all the requisite emotional charge and frenetic, kinetic energy. We’ll cover that more later, though; for now, dive in for yourselves. 

- Tyler Hanan

"Sad Contest" - T̶O̶N̶G̶U̶E̶

T̶O̶N̶G̶U̶E̶ (pronounced “No Tongue” - at least it’s not !!!) was one of my favorite skramz finds of 2012, even if the podcast that would’ve immortalized that statement never came to fruition (tangential note, we’re finally making that happen later this month).

The band mentioned three releases planned for spring and summer of 2013, and it seems one of these will be a summer 7” full length (how can anyone pick up the lingo when the lingo is so loosely applied?) to be released by South Cal emo/hardcore/punk/skramz zine and distro KYEO Speaks. 

The Band(camp)’s words on the release:

This track will also appear on BECAUSE Vol. 1, a compilation tape to benefit the San Francisco Asian Women’s Shelter along side other bay area artists Wild Moth, Grass Widow, No Babies, and more.

KYEO Speaks’ words: 

a sample of the No Tongue 7” record coming this summer… this is the worst song on the release, it’s that good.

My words:

It’s a good song, can’t wait to hear the rest.

My eloquence was beaten out of me by exam week. / / / was a good, promising four-song release, but I’m definitely looking for a step up with the new material, or at least something different. I’m hoping for something that will keep me sneaking back into that skeevy hotel room for more, leaving those other good-intentioned but less wildly fulfilling 2013 emo/skramz albums at home with the buzzy horror movie we were supposed to watch together.

Prognostications and preferences aside, I enjoy this song. I like what they’re doing with the guitars: a little laid back, but it’s quite pleasing to my ears with how it goes down smoothly. 

- Tyler Hanan

"6" - Lord Snow

There isn’t much to say here. There’s some new, raw, vicious, abbreviated skramz from Lord Snow, owners of one of my favorite reference-spawning band names. They’ve given us tracks 2 and 6 - or are they “2” and “6”? - from the band’s upcoming album Solitude. The album will probably be short, frantic, and unnerving for both mothers and fathers- really good, that is to say. The album is to be released by ADAGIO830 [link].

I’m quitting now, while I still haven’t made a bad Game of Thrones joke.

- Tyler Hanan

San Andrea" - Sed Non Satiata

French skramz fiends Sed Non Satiata return with “San Andrea,” the first reveal from their upcoming new album Mappō. Opened with the expected post-rock slow build shenanigans, all slimmed down, seductive guitar and maddeningly patient cymbal taps, the track gets a big red “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” stamp on it for its achievements in the field of amping up anticipation. Get hooked, and use the band’s Orchid covers to help bide the time until the album’s June 1st release [link].

- Tyler Hanan

"Final Demo" - City of Caterpillar

A quick hit for today, and an old one. City of Caterpilar were one of the best bands in the early-2000s emo/screamo scene, with an Envy-like two-faced approach of huge, instrumental post-rock constructions spattered with abrupt, chaotic screaming, shrieking, and the like. They pulled off the style incredibly well, but they didn’t make it past 2003. According to Robotic Obscurities: 

Long lost and unreleased instrumental CITY OF CATERPILLAR demo track. From the writing sessions that would have yielded their second album, the band broke up before finishing the songs or tracking vocals… and this is one of the few skeletons that remains.

So, it’s awesome we have this, but it’s also a disappointing reminder of what could’ve been. The foundation’s all there, and you can imagine a variety of ways they may have built upon it. Ah well; the music they did make is still out there, as are more thorough obituaries, both of which are worth looking up for the unfortunate uninitiated.

- Tyler Hanan

"The Artist" - Old Gray

Skramz band Old Gray (or “three dudes” - I love Facebook “abouts”) recently released their eight-track, sub-half hour full-length An Autobiography. It’s having a bit of a moment, receiving high praise in certain corners of the  internet. Wary but with interest piqued, especially after finding that I’d “liked” the band’s page sometime in the last year, I jumped in the fray. 

Listening to An Autobiography was a perverse balancing of feelings of wait-and-see and let-it-loose. The band’s style and the album’s template are an often botched tightrope walk. Feelings and emotive instrumentation, screaming and spoken word poetry - it’s a recipe for an overly self-serious, stale, familiar stew when done without deftness. 

High-minded preamble aside, Old Gray hit their mark here. Aided by a tight, filler-free length and well-balanced climaxes and lulls, the album is a quick, swift skramz hit that dabbles in some nice effects (strings and such) and crosses over with the better parts of the La Dispute/Defeater styles (which helps explain the extra love it’s getting in certain circles). Old Gray sells the emotion and, as the immortal Anthony Anderson once said, they “burn this motherfucker down!”.

Additionally, the album is available for name-your-price download [link], an great way to buy goodwill. White LP pre-orders are also available through the links on the Bandcamp page.

- Tyler Hanan

"Immemorial" - Loma Prieta

I’m getting back on the horse with the heavier music. First I was swept up in the new RVIVR; a reminder that there is a new Old Gray album (which I will tackle later) and the news that there will be a Loma Prieta/Raein split 7” EP quickly followed.

That last bit is especially exciting. Loma Prieta is one of the premier names in the skramz scene right now, achieved with years of quality production that hit a high mark last year with the widely acclaimed I.V. and raved-about shows worldwide. Raein deserves no less praise - the proudly self-made Italian outfit is one of the still-standing old guards of screamo, who had an incredible 2011 with the release of a excellent, free new record (Sulla Linea D’Orizzonte Tra Questa Mia Vita E Quella Di Tutti) and a fairly great compilation (Ah, As If…). 

This is a wet dream pairing, and this first 46-second track bodes well for the final product. “Immemorial” can be had off of Deathwish's Spring 2013 sampler. It features a few other unreleased song as well, and is available for free download from a variety of places [link].

- Tyler Hanan

The Russian Man - Tongue

[Edited] It took me far too long to brush the digital dust off this one and give it a listen. /  /  / (just go with it) from Tongue (pronounced “No Tongue”) has been waiting on my computer for a while, and I’m kicking myself for not listening to this sooner. Picking a song was hard - ultimately, the shortest one was settled upon, with it’s delicately evocative guitar intro that inevitably gets a bit more frantic. Go to the bandcamp and download this 4-song release, for your own sake [link].

- Tyler Hanan