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"Das Me" - Brooke Candy

I’ll listen to anything gay specifically because it’s gay. I feel obligated. Or, anything gay issues align themselves with—feminist music, gender politics, etc. It doesn’t always have good results. Other times, I find myself intrigued by music I would have ignored if done by a straight artist. But every once in a while, I find an artist that truly blows me away. And it’s such a great time to be LGBT! We’re starting to have our own music scene again!

Back to the video, Brooke Candy’s style is not original, and her lyrics combine sexual frankness with hilarity in a Peaches vein, but I’m fascinated. When Zebra Katz has made one of the best tracks of the year, Le1f’s “Wut” is on my most played list, and Mykki Blanco is rising to recognition, I haven’t been this excited about music in a very long time. Queer culture is making a dent! In comparison to straighter artists, I wonder why I can listen to the Queer movement and not their straight contemporaries. Is that really the only difference? Does it really have such a subconscious power on my listening habits? I’m interested to see where my own music taste goes from here.  Maybe I haven’t found a separate subculture, maybe I’ve found a way in.

-Eric Kossina