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"Fried Eagle Mind" - Sun O))) & Boris

It’s been a hectic end of a semester at my Fairly Straight University, a unfortunate occurrence that’s resulted in a decrease in NSB productivity. Days grew shorter, assignments grew longer, all usual sad-sack college kid complaints. It’s been a final Friday of unwinding, lying back while toggling between cool kid critically acclaimed cable television and the most languid, distended sounds to be found on various streaming services.

It is with this peripheral information that I pick up on what much cleverer posts at The Quietus and Tiny Mix Tapes are dropping: Sunn O))), doom crew from the most unlikely of cities, has posted its discography on Bandcamp for any schlump to zone to. This schlump has found the subversive noise of the 2006 collaboration with Boris - Altar - especially gratifying on this beautiful, lazy day. Their are 27 releases to choose from: studio album, live album, EP, collaboriation, demos, any decidedly lightless recordings a black heart could desire [link].

- Tyler Hanan

"The Long Shadow" - Barn Owl

Guitar drone with an organ - delicious. If Evan Caminiti and Jon Porras bring to new album V merely a handful of the ideas and creative directions being posited as reality by the Thrill Jockey bio, it will make for quite the interesting record. The album drops April 16th; we’ll see then just how well the rest of the tinfoil-covered drones.

- Tyler Hanan

"Living With You" (Laurel Halo remix) - John Cale

"… which is nearly seven minutes long, is somehow both placid and disconcertingly busy, as berserk electronic pings jump all over a spare and mournful piano figure."

That’s how Stereogum’s described NSB-favorite Laurel Halo’s remix of John Cale’s 2012 track “Living With You.” It also functions as a descriptor of many of my favorite artists, for I am nothing if not predictable. If I wasn’t already in love with the work of Laurel Halo, that description would have me on this track in a way that could fairly be equated with the internet’s reaction to a new My Bloody Valentine record.

It is a nice piece to lose oneself in, though - a nice little world of deep sea bass and electronic shenanigans, abstractly expanding into pretty piano territory and other droning goodness.

- Tyler Hanan

"June" - Swallows Fly Low

The kind of production that Mikolaj Szatko doles out could madden an unsuspecting listener, a claustrophobic wave of grainy details that unnervingly pry at every end and leave no space unused or investigated. It’s enough to leave one with a sense of tinnitus, the endless swells and fingernail-sized grooves left on your mind in their wake. His project, Swallows Fly Low, is as intricate as it is sinister, combining the complexity of minimalism with the space-invasion of more maximalist works. His new record, Constructions, is free and available via his bandcamp page (link is above).

- Kyle Minton 

"Held (Tim Hecker Remix)" - Holy Other

You can’t possibly turn away from a pairing such as this. Tim Hecker injects a wealth of molasses into the already deliberately paced title track off of Holy Other’s Held, and suddenly the ghastly wails are sinking in the slow pulse of Hecker’s brand of aural quicksand. It’s a quick bite of Hecker’s all-consuming methodology that’s sure to come through with more abrasive static and waves of feedback with Instrumental Tourist, his upcoming collaboration with Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) which drops on November 20 (link). 

- Kyle Minton

"Slept On the Shore All Morning Again" - Warning Light

Warning Light is Drew Hadden, creator of some ambient drone from I discovered via our email, and this is the latest single off his album Wild Silver, which is actually streaming on his bandcamp [link] and available through Stickfigure Recordings [link]. “Slept On the Shore All Morning Again” is a nice track, maybe with a little less length and fewer subtle changes than I would normally like, but quite pretty and mesmerizing nonetheless. It also has the sound of waves breaking, and watery samples is one thing I will readily admit- and often proudly proclaim - is a major musical turn-on for me. 

- Tyler Hanan

"Fell Sound" - Mirrorring 

When done properly, ambiance is more about teasing the listener than delivering on any promise that static, drone, or other obscuring aural texture may hide; the success rides on how alluring the veil itself is, how tantalizing the concealed bits of a song sound when blanketed in the right production. Mirrorring, the cooperation between Grouper’s Liz Harris and Tiny Viper’s Jesy Fortino, are particularly adept here at crafting this agonizing balance between the murky and the appealing gleam of the clear with a low hum of vibrancy that only just masks the presence of female vocals and guitar notes. The result is a composition that positively quivers with life. The debut release, Foreign Body, is to be released on Kranky records on March 19th [link].  Fans of the track can download the song via Stereogum [link].

- Kyle Minton

You’re Smiling, I’m Floating" - Enhues

I have a certain affinity for two things: drone and beat-based electronic music. It’s not often that I can find both of these two very different genres melded into one track, but when I do it comes as a glorious surprise. Such is the case with Enhues, the project of one Italian American Nick Hughes who makes this sort of slow-building electronic house-drone (made up genre). “You’re Smiling, I’m Floating” is one of my favorite tracks from his new EP On Top of The Roof. You can download the EP free of charge via Bandcamp.

- Malcom Lacey

The Tower" - The Inventors of Aircraft

Berlin based avant-garde netlabel Resting Bell released The Inventors of Aircraft’s latest record, As It Is, last friday. Beautiful and warm electronic tones fill the record’s 33 minute runtime. Take a listen to album closer “The Tower” above and download the record free of charge via Resting Bell.

- Malcom Lacey