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"Down From The Rafters (The Field Remix)" - Hundred Waters

Just as with “Thistle” and “Boreal” off their self-titled LP, Hundred Waters are releasing a remix EP for a single off the follow-up, The Moon Rang Like A Bell. The lead single, “Down From the Rafters,” gets the treatment this time.

This EP has half the tracks of its six-song predecessors, but it enlists even bigger names than the AraabMuzik and Star Slinger-boasting Thistle EP. The three artists mixing vastly new versions of one of our favorite singles of the year are Huxley, The Field (whose serenely low-key take can be heard above), and Tim Hecker (whose version I’m nigh drooling at the thought of).

The EP will be released digitally on OWSLA on October 16. The band will be touring North America in November in support of Interpol; see those dates below. (via Pitchfork)

- Tyler Hanan

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"No. No… (Tim Hecker Mix)” - The Field

The Field released Cupid’s Head Remixe II on Kompakt on February 24. You can buy it here. It features three remixes of “No. No…” by John Tejada, Tim Hecker, and Tm404. Above is Tim Hecker’s take. Press play. All else fades away.

- Tyler Hanan

"Virginal II" - Tim Hecker

Tim Hecker released a song yesterday, a vitally important fact that eluded me as I knelt before the fractured remnants of my new laptop, cursing whatever villainy had befallen it (likely my own). 

Today, though, we bask in the new song glow of Hecker’s latest piece of mind-dissembling dissonance.

Hearing a Tim Hecker track disassociated from its album is a odd thing. Singles are more demanding of an immediacy of some sort. In Hecker’s albums, there are 40+ minutes of constant build and progression to lend more weight to each moment. Plucking out a segment of a construction and having it maintain the feeling of the whole is no mean feat.

That’s what this is - a segment of a greater whole that is still a harrowing and visceral listen,  even with “Virginal II” seeming so much bigger and busier than usual Hecker. It’s still that familiar tunnel of disjointed and unnerving electronic manipulations that leave you floating out the other side awestruck and scrubbed clean. 

This brain bender’s album, Virgins, comes out October 14th on Kranky. That timing is a beautiful thing. 

- Tyler Hanan

Nothing Sounds 13: This Halloween, the Batcat Cometh


My favorite holiday is almost gone, but I’ll refuse to let it go for another few days still. Music is just as big a Halloween event for me as decorations and haunted houses; plus, I actually have the time and funds to indulge it. Epic post rock (Godspeed You!, Mogwai), drawn-out, creepy electronic and drone (Oneohtrix Point Never and Tim Hecker) and the queerer realms of ambient pop (Julia Holter, whose Halloween-ready Tragedy is sadly not on Spotify) - these are the things that pique my interest even more than normal this time of year. So enjoy your Halloween, folks. I wasn’t able to embrace it as much as I would’ve liked, but we’ll take what we can. Pick out some of your favorite soundtracks and blast those through the house, double-check your beds and closets, and for the love of John Carpenter, do not go outside to investigate that sound. I’ll be watching Trick ‘r Treat and Halloween if you need me. [link]


  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - “Andro”
  2. Crystal Castles - “Year of Silence”
  3. Soft Moon - “Into the Depths”
  4. Mogwai - “Batcat”
  5. Young Widows - “Miss Tambourine Wrist”
  6. Tim Hecker - “Borderlands”
  7. Zomby - “Haunted”
  8. Julia Holter - “Goddess Eyes I”
  9. Zola Jesus - “Avalanche”
  10. Explosions in the Sky - “Greet Death”
  11. Mount Eerie - “House Shape”
  12. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - “East Hastings

"Held (Tim Hecker Remix)" - Holy Other

You can’t possibly turn away from a pairing such as this. Tim Hecker injects a wealth of molasses into the already deliberately paced title track off of Holy Other’s Held, and suddenly the ghastly wails are sinking in the slow pulse of Hecker’s brand of aural quicksand. It’s a quick bite of Hecker’s all-consuming methodology that’s sure to come through with more abrasive static and waves of feedback with Instrumental Tourist, his upcoming collaboration with Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) which drops on November 20 (link). 

- Kyle Minton

"Uptown Psychedelia" - Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin

How far out of the loop must I have been to miss a new song off the much-anticipated Hecker/Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never) collaboration? Regardless, the two masters of drone have a 12-track album due later this year, appropriately titled “Instrumental Tourist” and filled with a number of other well-named songs. The pedigree here is simply astonishing, and this first single and album opener plays as wonderfully and discordantly as one could hope. Instrumental Tourist is due November 20th on Software Recording Co [link].

- Tyler Hanan

2011 According to… Eric Kossina

Read the rest of our end of the year coverage as well:

Songs of the Year

These are in no particular order, I just wanted to make a mix that would flow and sound good from track to track. It is not a representation of my favorite songs but the following is a mix of songs that defined certain areas of my year. Whether for a moment, a minute, a day, a week, a month, these are areas that I remember listening, where everything else was void. You won’t feel the same, but I hope you might.

  1. Colin Stetson – “The Righteous Wrath of an Honorable Man”
  2. Holy Ghost! - “Do It Again”
  3. Light Asylum – “Dark Allies”
  4. Pale Sketcher – “Seventh Heaven”
  5. Jai Paul – “BTSTU (Edit)”
  6. Forest Fire – “Future Shadows”
  7. Kurt Vile – “Runner Ups”
  8. Austra - “The Choke”
  9. Todd Terje – “Ragysh (Original)”
  10. Xxxy – “Ordinary Things”
Hear all of these songs on Eric’s Spotify playlist [link].

Albums of the Year

Honorable Mention:  Cass McCombs & Forest Fire
Two artists who never get enough press and absolutely blew me away this year. It was a very hard decision but it had to be made.  This list mostly represents an area of music I felt deeply affected by this year, and these two artists just barely missed the cut.  I find many similarities between all the artists listed, including these two, it mostly comes down to the fact that I couldn’t find anything to say, so they shouldn’t be listed at all.  Thus Honorable Mention, I love them just enough that I couldn’t bare to cut them, so please enjoy them.

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2011 According to… Tyler Hanan

Trying to quantify all the best a year has to offer is, if we’re honest, more than a bit audacious. We feel a need to catalogue and rate everything - albums, movies, books, singles, remixes, videos, sports plays, memes, celebrity faux pas - an endless parade of people trying to establish their knowledge of all that is worth knowing in a single year. I’m not here to trash this exponentially growing phenomenon, though - that would be hypocritical of me. I just want to put into words what a “Best of“ list is to me..

I’m not going to pretend that our lists contain everything worth knowing. Making these lists is a personal endeavor. They do not answer “what was 2011?” These lists answer “what was 2011 to me?”

A question that could seem like a copout or a way of hedging our bets even before any criticism is made, but it’s one that is honest about what this is. Unless one is staying within very specific boundaries - say, English horror films or Canadian black metal - it’s impossible to see or hear everything. Without hearing everything, there can be no list that is 100% definitive. It might be 75% or 85% or even the 99%, but we are still undereducated for the task of getting all of the very best.

So what was music in 2011 to you? What will we look back and remember, and what should we remember? As we looked back on Nevermind this year, what album will we be looking back on in 2021, 2031, and beyond? Perhaps we will remember two of the greatest artists of their time uniting to create Watch the Throne, an album and tour the likes of which we may never see again. It could be that this is the year people point to and say, ‘there, there the great hardcore band of their age peaked, that is when Fucked Up cemented their legacy.’  The new albums from Wye Oak, Girls, and tUnE-yArDs can be found topping many lists. Will they last? Or will we find ourselves looking back in ten years, brows knit with a mixture of perplexity and fond nostalgia, wondering how we could possibly have ranked them above the true classics?

What was this year in music to me? It will be a long time until I know for sure. I have always believed a top five is easy, but a top twenty is impossible. Picking a few favorites immediately, those few having cemented themselves indelibly into our minds having conquered all of our objective and subjective criteria, is not difficult. Picking out the differences between numbers eighteen, nineteen, and twenty versus twenty-one and twenty-two, though is a far more difficult task. Long-time favorites - Joan of Arc, The Mountain Goats, and Thursday - released albums that number among their best. Youth Lagoon crafted the heart-rending “Montana,” my favorite song, with a video that made me weep at the combined beauty. Kurt Vile, Girls, Bon Iver, PJ Harvey - all topping lists, all containing at least a few elements I enjoy. Liturgy and Deafheaven either changing or disgracing the black metal landscape, depending on who you ask. M83, Drake, The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, Danny Brown, James Blake, St. Vincent, Wye Oak - none of them are here. The Roots and Common, two more favorites of mine, simply arrived too late in the year. How the fuck do we organize all this (especially for the unfortunate saps that have to work this all around a day job and school - for now). 

So this list is what I’ve cobbled together. There are albums I love missing. There are records I have yet to hear lurking. This list could easily change by the time it goes up - it’s an inevitability. This is a picture of my 2011. There may be less Kanye, less dubstep, less of the burgeoning mainstream indie rock, than what was present in the headlines… but that’s the point. This is my 2011, which I would like to share with you. We share our personal years in music so that we can expand our own, learning more about the year even after it is long past. 2011 was a wonderful year for music, and it will only get better with age. 

EPs of the Year

  1. The Golden Filter - Syndromes
  2. Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) - Home After Three Months Away
  3. matt pond PA - Spring Fools EP
  4. Mogwai - Earth Division EP
  5. Holy Other - With U
  6. Jens Lekman - An Argument With Myself

Songs of the Year

  1. Arrange - “When’d You Find Me?”
  2. Danger Mouse & Daniele Luppi - “Two Against One” ft. Jack White
  3. Fucked Up - “Serve Me Right”
  4. German Error Message - “In Comforting”
  5. The Golden Filter - “Mother”
  6. The Humans - Sea of Size
  7. Iceage - “White Rune”
  8. Joan of Arc - “Love Life”
  9. Mister Heavenly - “Pineapple Girl”
  10. The Mountain Goats - “Damn These Vampires”
  11. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - “Heart In Your Heartbreak (Twin Shadow remix)“
  12. Pygmy Lush - “Yellow Hall”
  13. Shabazz Palaces - “free press and curl”
  14. St. Vincent - “Cruel”
  15. tUnE-yArDs - “Bizness”
  16. True Widow - “Skull Eyes”
  17. TV on the Radio - “Caffeinated Consciousness
  18. Yacht - “Dystopia”
  19. Youth Lagoon - “Montana”
  20. Young Widows - “Miss Tambourine Wrist”
  21. Yuck - “Get Away”
  22. Zola Jesus - “Skin”

Hear (almost) all these songs on Tyler’s Spotify playlist. [link]

Albums of the Year

Arrange - Plantation

As great a place as any to start the list, the music of Malcom Lacey has grown exponentially over the last year. Plantation may sound soft and delicate, but it gave my mind a proverbial slap to the face with how it unexpectedly floored me. The piano sprinkled liberally throughout, vacillating between a deep serenity and a twinkling pretty vision, serves as a tremendous hook for many tracks and as the piece that ties them all together. 

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Nothing Sounds 2

Hello friends. I didn’t forget about today’s playlist - I was just busy being maid and mother to my roommates. I just can’t stand a messy apartment. The playlist I made for this week actually served me well while I was toiling away. Rather than the more energetic, measurably angrier one that I had planned, I chose calmer music, something for me to relax to while on my day off. Many of you will probably spend much of the week eating far too much, recuperating, and then doing it again - this could serve you well in your stuffed stupor.

Every week I meet with new surprises and disappointments in the Spotify library. Finding Sparklehorse and Fennesz’ In the Fishtank 15 was especially sweet, and locating a number of my favorite 2011 albums (many of which I picked tracks from for NS2) was immensely satisfying. The lack of recent Balam Acab, Maserati, and Jesu material was a little disheartening, though. Can we email someone about this? There are petitions to keep Community on the air; can’t we start an “Albums Needed On Spotify” petition? The people need to hear more from these three. 

As always, you can find us on Spotify and a few other social networks through the widgets on that sidebar you likely ignore, where you can critique us, insult our mothers, and all the other fun stuff you internet folk do so well. I’ll have a page up on the site compiling all of our playlists just as soon as Tumblr stops with its shenanigans. Eleven tracks, forty-two minutes, all exquisite. Enjoy. [link]


  1. Balam Acab - See Birds (Moon)
  2. Zomby - Haunted
  3. Mogwai - Drunk and Crazy
  4. Sigur Ros - Heysatan
  5. Maserati - Ambassador of Cinema
  6. Jesu - Wash It All Away
  7. Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Star Eyes (I Can’t Catch It) ft. David Lynch
  8. Sparklehorse & Fennesz - If My Heart
  9. Tim Hecker - Analog Paralysis
  10. Oneohtrix Point Never - Power of Persuasion
  11. Zola Jesus - Skin