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"Sherman" - Pinback

Now, I’ve spent the last month thinking Pinback’s new album Information Retrieved had a more intimate or magical vibe to it - something like a mystical forest. Can’t you imagine Sherman drifting through the upper boughs of a sea of a green, leafy forest? Whispery sounds of magic tickling the ear, a beautiful, serene lake spanning the forest’s center…

Space works to though! I could see the sea being another setting. But yes, space works. There is definitely a spacey vibe to Pinback’s clean, serene melodies, and a galactic video complete with spacesuits and toxic atmosphere weaves the music in quite well. Kudos, Matt Hoyt, on this Wired-premiered video - both pretty and CG-less. 

As for this new album, Information Retrieved? It is everything one loves about Pinback, and there are a handful of songs for everyone here, just awaiting the push of a button to sweep listeners off their feet. While I’m not tripping over myself quite as much as many others are to praise the album, there is beauty aplenty and a lack of any serious missteps.

- Tyler Hanan

"Proceed to Memory" - Pinback

Pinback finally releases a single off a new album, which I - we, I mean - have been waiting for for… well, for five years, and I let pathetic excuses like “work” and “no internet at the apartment” keep me from listening to it for days. It’s pathetic, really - similar to how I let something like “being broke” prevent me from getting their Record Store Day singles.

That unnecessary exposition having been said, the song itself is quite the opposite. It is as intimately radiant as ever, showing the duo’s magic is as strong as ever, reassuring that they can still craft an insanely catchy, fun, and beautiful pop song. Information Retrieved will come out in October - a month already slated for a plethora of highly promising releases - via Temporary Residence Ltd., their debut album for the indie powerhouse. Between us, though, this could very well be the October release with the best chance to become the soundtrack for my autumn. 

- Tyler Hanan

Nothing Sounds 3

Hello all, sorry about the late tracklist. There’s no preamble or music news that I’ll be spouting off about today, just a short playlist with a few fun songs. Enjoy! [link]


  1. Bright Eyes - At the Bottom of Everything
  2. Pinback - Fortress
  3. The xx - Heart Skipped a Beat
  4. Superchunk - Crossed Wires
  5. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - The High Party
  6. Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi - Two Against One ft. Jack White
  7. The New Pornographers - From Blown Speakers
  8. matt pond PA - Love to Get Used
  9. The Gaslight Anthem - We Did It When We Were Young