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"Interference Fits" - Perfect Pussy

Happy Monday, everyone. The new Perfect Pussy album, Say Yes To Love, is streaming on NPR. Treat yo self.

It’s a wicked and furious 23 minute clamor, everything you’d expect of Perfect Pussy and not at all what a newcomer would expect from an album with the title Say Yes To Love.

If you’re still here, let’s quickly run down on the lead-up to this album. The above track, “Interference Fits,” debuted last week, joining first single “Driver" in rocking socks and dumping gas on the buzzfire. The album follows up last year’s home-recorded breakout EP that everyone and their kid sister was toting, I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling. That’s rundown enough. Go listen.

Say Yes To Love is out next week on April 18 via Captured Tracks.

- Tyler Hanan

"Fade" - Holly Herndon

Holly Herndon is buzzing right now, for good reason. The highly experimental electronic music bends sounds in blissfully unnerving ways. There is an edginess here; a heavenly eeriness; a subliminal perversion; a dark, shifting shroud. There are so very many different interpretations that can and will be derived from these sounds, a plethora of complex emotions to be shaped by the movements. I wish I had more time to listen to the album stream on NPR right now - alas, this is my only window in the next 36 hours to do nothing but listen and form contradicting nonsensical descriptions of what I hear. I only hope the rest of the album is as intricate, as rebellious, and as intriguing as this.

As is reported in every piece on her, Herndon graduated with a degree in electronic composition who DJed in Berlin for several years. Her debut album, Movement, is streaming now on NPR [link] and will be released November 13th via RVNG Intl. [link], which always seems to have a wonderfully bizarre release on the horizon.

- Tyler Hanan