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"In A Big City" - Titus Andronicus

This post was inevitable, as is the following flood of random observations I have concerning this new Titus Andronicus video and all the semi-related subjects. I’ll try to control myself.

The Isaac Ravishankara-directed video itself: pretty great. Beardless Stickles looks more grown-up, and, after the initial shock of  the beard loss, I find it quite fitting. Also, the man still looks super-serious and more than a little prickly and pissed off. He sells the face shot-heavy video. The video really picks up at the end, when the quick-switch between face shots ties itself to the song’s beat, when the song itself is subtly gearing up for its excellent climax. 

As for the aptly-titled, toned-down (compared to The MonitorLocal Business, it’s similarly sneaky; a smartly stark departure from The Monitor, it could be said. A review of that possibly coming soon. Also, apparently Grantland is in the business of premiering music reviews. As I quite enjoy Steve Hyden’s music reviews (including one of this very album), I am quite okay with that.

Minimal tangents and rambling. 

- Tyler Hanan