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"Devil Town" - Marissa Nadler (Daniel Johnston cover)

If you haven’t already fallen in love with Daniel Johnston, allow this to be the spark that ignites that fire. Marissa Nadler released this as a Halloween treat (I’m still not willing to let my favorite holiday go), and it’s sweeter than any candy I ate that day. Nadler also released a cover of Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World” [link].

In recent(ish) Nadler news, her most recent release was the eight song companion to last year’s self-titled, The Sister [link]. As for Johnston, it looks like his latest work was the indiegogo project Normal: The Daniel Johnston Live Vinyl EP - A Benefit for Brett Hartenbach” [link]. I’m not sure if the EP will be available to non-supporters after the fact (I, too, missed that boat), but it’s worth keeping an eye on, just as the good cause is still worth donating to [link].

- Tyler Hanan

Nothing Sounds 13: This Halloween, the Batcat Cometh


My favorite holiday is almost gone, but I’ll refuse to let it go for another few days still. Music is just as big a Halloween event for me as decorations and haunted houses; plus, I actually have the time and funds to indulge it. Epic post rock (Godspeed You!, Mogwai), drawn-out, creepy electronic and drone (Oneohtrix Point Never and Tim Hecker) and the queerer realms of ambient pop (Julia Holter, whose Halloween-ready Tragedy is sadly not on Spotify) - these are the things that pique my interest even more than normal this time of year. So enjoy your Halloween, folks. I wasn’t able to embrace it as much as I would’ve liked, but we’ll take what we can. Pick out some of your favorite soundtracks and blast those through the house, double-check your beds and closets, and for the love of John Carpenter, do not go outside to investigate that sound. I’ll be watching Trick ‘r Treat and Halloween if you need me. [link]


  1. Oneohtrix Point Never - “Andro”
  2. Crystal Castles - “Year of Silence”
  3. Soft Moon - “Into the Depths”
  4. Mogwai - “Batcat”
  5. Young Widows - “Miss Tambourine Wrist”
  6. Tim Hecker - “Borderlands”
  7. Zomby - “Haunted”
  8. Julia Holter - “Goddess Eyes I”
  9. Zola Jesus - “Avalanche”
  10. Explosions in the Sky - “Greet Death”
  11. Mount Eerie - “House Shape”
  12. Godspeed You! Black Emperor - “East Hastings

"Halloween" - Glass Candy

The name really says everything about what to expect from this video. Lots of shots of skulls and a girl wearing a Jason mask are cut in rapid succession on this video directed by Alberto Rossini. The song itself carries an equally spooky beat that’ll set the tone for a night of terror. And on top of all that, it’s an early taste of the band’s upcoming album ///BODY WORK/// via Italians Do It Better [link]. Turn the lights off. Scare your neighbor’s kids. It’s Halloween!

- Kevin Tappin

A good amount of people I know would not hesitate to call Halloween their favorite holiday. One friend in particular is not afraid to go above and beyond to prove that point. Jimm McShane, a good friend of mine from high school, runs a really hilarious and interesting website, and as of late, he has added a very cool page, and started an overly large countdown to Halloween. Covering a different horror movie every day for 100 days, there is something for everybody. You’ll read about the greats, the cult classics, and you might even stumble upon your next favorite horror film. Don’t waste any time, head on over, and get reading!

- Cody Nelson