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"Werner Herzog" - Busdriver feat. Open Mike Eagle & Nocando

Full disclosure: I don’t know as much about any of these guys as I probably should. However, that doesn’t stop me from loving nearly everything about this, including:

"Werner Herzog" goes hard and it’s witty as hell - just watch it. It’s enough to get me to download Busdriver’s free Arguments With Dreams EP off Big Dada [link].

- Tyler Hanan

New Deerhoof Tour Dates + Split 7” Release

In anticipation of Deerhoof’s new album Deerhoof vs. Evil coming out January 11th, 2011, the band has revealed new tour dates to promote the upcoming release. Additionally, their split 7” with Physical Forms titled Hoofdriver was released on Polyvinyl yesterday. See details for upcoming events/tour dates after the jump.

-Andrea Huang

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