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"weird honey" - Elvis Depressedly

As I am slowly, grotesquely crushed by the weight of all these April releases I feel obligated to pay attention to, I listen to “pepsi/coke suicide” and “weird honey.” I hope Mat Cothran takes it as a compliment that his is the voice I hear as my splintered femurs knife through the skin on my legs in ways that makes Kevin Ware’s leg look like a mild nuisance.

Elvis Depressedly is good music. These two tracks continue the trend of being good music. It stands to reason, then, that holo pleasures will include even more good music when it is released on April 16th via Birdtapes. We’ll probably still be talking about it months from now at whatever universal talking point for “the year so far” we’ve reached. 

Also, don’t forget about Coma Cinema’s Posthumous Release due out on May 21st, because I definitely did. I still haven’t figured out the capitalization game yet, either.

- Tyler Hanan

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    wow this is much better than the thought of killing myself
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    thanks tyler, get well soon
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    music happened and will happen again soon
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