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"Envenom Mettle" - Eluvium

I’m not sure how much more excited this man (or blog) can get for Eluvium’s Nightmare double album. Just typing those words unleashes even more dopamine in my brian (I think that makes sense, but it’s been a while since my last psychology class). Already we have another new track from the album, which was premiered by Stereogum but discovered by me via Eluvium’s tweet.

Closing Nightmare's first disc with some noisy help from Explosion in the Sky's Mark T. Smith, “Envenom Mettle” provides a fairly different flavor (with similar tone) than “Don’t Get Any Closer.” A piece with rather stark shifts from movement to movement, it’s easy to imagine the alternating pounding march, ambient drone, skyscraping end-of-movie crest, and soft outro absolutely, perfectly crushing listeners at the end of that first disc. “And we’re supposed to survive another disc of this?” we’ll ask.

We’ll have to wait until May 14th to see if it plays out with the resonance and emotional depth I suspect, when the album will come out via Temporary Residence Ltd.

- Tyler Hanan

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