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"Gangs in the Garden" - Black Moth Super Rainbow

Between school, two student organizations, an almost full-time job, a newspaper, and being in the midst of an especially great slate of new albums (as well as all the time spent bragging about business, as well as the time taken to call oneself out for business bragging), new music falls through the cracks - even new music people are specifically asking me to listen to. 

Black Moth Super Rainbow strike one of the chords of bizarre I love to listen to, regardless of where my opinion of the album falls (though this one is pretty high). Upbeat, weird pop teeming with electronic shenanigans - if you enjoy music of that ilk at all, yet somehow missed the new Rad Cult-released BMSR album (I mean, it’s called Cobra Juicy).

- Tyler Hanan

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    so fucking pissed this stupid laptop’s optical drive is shot because i want to listen to this album over and over
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