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"Sherman" - Pinback

Now, I’ve spent the last month thinking Pinback’s new album Information Retrieved had a more intimate or magical vibe to it - something like a mystical forest. Can’t you imagine Sherman drifting through the upper boughs of a sea of a green, leafy forest? Whispery sounds of magic tickling the ear, a beautiful, serene lake spanning the forest’s center…

Space works to though! I could see the sea being another setting. But yes, space works. There is definitely a spacey vibe to Pinback’s clean, serene melodies, and a galactic video complete with spacesuits and toxic atmosphere weaves the music in quite well. Kudos, Matt Hoyt, on this Wired-premiered video - both pretty and CG-less. 

As for this new album, Information Retrieved? It is everything one loves about Pinback, and there are a handful of songs for everyone here, just awaiting the push of a button to sweep listeners off their feet. While I’m not tripping over myself quite as much as many others are to praise the album, there is beauty aplenty and a lack of any serious missteps.

- Tyler Hanan

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