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"Horizon Glow" - Case Work

Meandering through the picturesque Cactus-Mouth, I quickly stumbled upon Case Work, the project of Chandler Strang (Saskatchewan) that I have unfortunately been ignorant of to this point. Now, my words won’t match up to C-M’s due to my being several pegs lower on the Case Work knowledge pole, but I’d like to heap a bit of praise upon a song that can speak for itself well enough without them.

The joyous, superbly-crafted stands out immediately, most notably in the coupling of the jangly (oft-used adjective, but accurate, a favorite of mine, and fun to say - shoot me) bounce of the guitars paired with a bass groove with an immensely satisfying hum - a pairing that seems to be present in a number of Case Work’s few songs thus far. The vocals join quite ably and aptly in the form of quite dreamy, smooth-as-could-be singing punctuated with some punchy “whoa-ohs” that work far better than just about any “whoa-ohs” I can recount (I am admittedly not a fan of this devise much of the time). The EP is available on Bandcamp for that most wonderful Bandcamp price, “name your price;” a price that is most definitely worth paying for this. [link]

- Tyler Hanan

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