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Wild Child" - Mickey Brown

I’ve put off listening to Mickey Mickey Rourke + Lester Brown’s collabo project Mickey Brown for a while now. Maybe I’m just an asshole that doesn’t take the time he should to listen to everything that comes through his inbox. (I promise I do, guys. It just takes me a while). Or maybe (justification incoming) a record like Mickey Brown’s SOUL GLO needs time, Ya know? Time to hit you the right way. Time to sit. To grow. It hit me today. It hit me like “hey, this is good stuff. it’s poppy and nostalgic and fun and I need to share it with the world.” I hope it hits you too. 

You can pick up the recently released 16-track SOUL GLO for the magical price of $3.20 USD or more from MMR’s bandcamp.

- Malcom Lacey

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