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"Weird Luck" - Life Size Maps

Between my personal email and the Nothing Sounds email, we are constantly inundated with new music - and that’s besides the wide, wild world of the internet, always overflowing with more good or interesting music than I will ever know of. So first off, kudos to Mike McKeever of Life Size Maps for knowing how to get my attention - by talking about music he knows I enjoy. It’s crazy what a mention of Beach Fossils will do.

The burst of noise at the beginning of “Weird Luck” is overwhelming with its spaciness, quickly shocking listeners to attention. By now, you’ve probably already experienced it. Fortunately, the Brooklyn trio have plenty of wonderful, noisy things going on after that burst to keep my full attention - especially starting at the 1:50 mark, when a sudden, serious bridge, a repeat of the opening shock of thought-scattering space-static, and another round of the chorus finish the song off with a glorious bang. It’s quite the cacophonous trip, to say the least. Also, the whole three-track Weird Luck EP is available for free. [link]

- Tyler Hanan

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