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Lightshow" - Plants and Animals

Plants and Animals’ The End of That is yet another February 28th album I am quite excited to put my ear to, an excitement heightened by first single “Lightshow.” It’s a track calling upon the more “rock” elements of indie, which unfortunately seem a little less vogue as of late. Those sudden, soulful guitar freakouts hit the spot, just blissful with their placement.

"Lightshow" will be paired on a 7" with their cover of Wolf Parade’s "I’ll Believe in Anything" (for which there is a quality live video [link]). A Wolf Parade cover always makes me leery due to the singularity of Spencer Krug’s voice. Warren Spicer’s voice is fairly similar, though, and Plants and Animals as a whole bear numerous similarities to Wolf Parade; all these things lend themselves well to the creation of this quality cover. The single is actually available digitally right now, for those whose interest is piqued. [link]

- Tyler Hanan

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