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"It Had To Happen (It Had to Be)" - Mathew Lee Cothran

I drafted this post at least a week ago. I then promptly forgot about it. 

Tiding us over between the release of Coma Cinema’s Posthumous Release in June and Elvis Depressedly's next album, New Alhambra, (not a solo project), Mat Cothran released an album under his own name. It’s a brief release full of brief songs, as simple and sparse as one could hope for. 

I like “It Had To Happen (It Had To Be),” the longest song. The bass line is serene, and that extended playing out could go on forever. 

- Tyler Hanan

"In Stellar Orbit" - Raum

I chose the right day to check Portals (a few days ago), as I discovered this lovely track in my blind stumbling about their fine site. Raum is NSB favorite Liz Harris (Grouper) and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (founder of Root Strata). Another tracks off their upcoming album The Event of Your Leaving was premiered by emo scene-infiltrator Ian Cohen on Pitchfork

Both tracks follow the expected sound of Harris, who also released The Man Who Died On His Boat to wide acclaim (from those who listen to such music) earlier this year, in addition to an album with Laurence English (which I imagine was also well regarded). It has a distorted beauty, an otherworldly - subworldly? - quality, lifted from another, incomprehensible dimension.

The album will be out on Glass, house this Friday, Novemeber 15. We’ll be all over it. 

- Tyler Hanan

True Love Kills the Fairy Tale album trailer - The Caket Girls

The Casket Girls have announced their next album, True Love Kills the Fairy Tale (an enticing name).The album will be released on February 11 of next year by Graveface Records. Their past work has been quite enthralling, and it sounds from these song clips as though that dark allure will continue through this album. The band also included a promise of early 2014 touring with the announcement. No word on whether those live shows will be as eerie as the album is apt to be. 

- Tyler Hanan

"Vale" - Midlake

You’re old enough now that I feel obligated to sit you all down and break the news that I don’t know one tenth of the things I’d like to pretend I know. Midlake has eluded me in my music life, and I have no excuse. That is changing, though, for three simple reasons:

  1. Antiphon is a pretty cool album title. I’m a sucker for cool album titles.
  2. That exploding firework orb album art is pretty cool. I’m a sucker for cool album art. 
  3. This song is fucking fantastic. I’m a sucker for fucking fantastic songs.

That’s about all I got. The budget ran out before I could reach the proper word count for this post. I shouldn’t have wasted so much time talking about myself. Antiphon is out now on ATO Records.

Man, this song just goes, doesn’t it? Unfurls into a giant, dark sensory sphere with dynamic abandon. I’m lost in this.

- Tyler Hanan

"Thank You" - Busta Rhymes ft. Q-Tip, Kanye West, Lil Wayne

It’s been a week, one noticeably lacking in content here but overflowing with obligations in that bittersweet land called “real life.” It’s getting late, but keep the night bouncing with Extinction Level Event 2 cut “Thank You,” a banging cut with a beat like a telegraph wire. Busta’s gangsta flow and Q-Tip’s chill stream actually meld well, both bouncing off and rolling with that frenetic beat effortlessly.  

There is one questionable moment when Busta (Mr. Rhymes?) goes Eminem-level onomatopoeia (did… did he just say “boop-i-dee-dee-bop” to describe how he beats the hell out of a guy?), but it flows briskly besides that brief moment. 

- Tyler Hanan

"Children In Heat" (Misfits cover) - Superchunk

Merge Records just tweeted out this little gem. Indie darlings cover the heroes of Halloween, again. Superchunk has also covered “Where Eagles Dare" and "Horror Business.” I think they’re fans. Enjoy, and happy Halloween. 

- Tyler Hanan

"Horns Surrounding Me" - Julia Holter

Julia Holter today released a music video for “Horns Surrounding Me,” a bit of news that was always more a matter of “when” than “if.” Since 2011’s Tragedy helped bring her to a larger audience, Holter has recorded music videos for a good amount of songs. This is already the fourth off her critically acclaimed album from earlier this year, Loud City Song

I considered this news inevitable due to that fact, but also to because of the song itself. It’s one of the most dynamic and forceful cuts from the album, a propulsive, anxiety-spawning vortex. It’s magnificent as it reduces me to tears in a dark corner. 

Directed by Angus Borsos and conceptualized by Ramona Gonzalez (Nite Jewel), the video takes a nightmarish turn, as was to be expected, and is light on action and heavy on some rather nice frames. I especially like this one. It comes out of nowhere for a few seconds, and is the only shot quite like it:

- Tyler Hanan

"Touched Briefly By Two Hands" - Ricky Eat Acid

From the Ricky Eat Acid facebook:

here’s a song that’s not on my album because it was written after the album was finished & mastered already so i’m posting it now. hopefully can share the first single from the record soon as well please share it it also has unlimited free downloads

It’s a peaceful cut, filled out with gentle little sounds that sound as if they were plucked from a tranquil place in nature. It’s very meditative; I wish I could distend it over 90 minutes for my weekly yoga session.

The album, which we haven’t addressed here yet, is Three Love Songs. It was mastered by Warren Hildebrand (Foxes In Fiction) and slated for a January 21st release date on Hildebrand’s Orchid Tapes.

Hit the jump for spectacularly light album track “I Can Hear the Heart Breaking As One” and a different version of another album track (from what I understand), which Ray contributed to Stadiums & Shrines’ dream series. If I’ve botched this info or have made a terrible mistake in capitalizing the song title above, please, educate me. 

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"Portions For Fatties" - People Person

All rowdy buzzpop and abuse of crash cymbals, People Person’s Dumb Supper was let off its chain into the greater internet on October 8th. 

It feels very much influenced by the riotous DIY of decades past, full of grooving bass lines and heavy percussion. Oliver’s vocal tone doesn’t vary vastly, largely a melodic croon that’s at some times more apt for punk and at others more folk-friendly. The music itself is aggressively different at times, best illustrated by the contract between the rowdiness of first single “Portions For Fatties” and the back porch, down home tambre of second single and album closer “Frances.”

Alternately raucous and affecting, propulsive and plaintive, Dumb Supper offers a smarter meal of punk aesthetic and memories of melodies past. 

- Tyler Hanan

"Advanced Falconry" - Mutual Benefit

School has rendered me somewhat socially inept in my usual music circles - even more so than previously.. This unfortunate turn can best be illustrated by my discovering the new Mutual Benefit album, Love’s Crushing Diamond, only yesterday - ten days after it’s release and six days after Pitchfork bestowed BNM status upon “Advanced Falconry.” 

It would be a truly dark moment for me, this realization, if not for the fact that there’s a new Mutual Benefit album. This is a time for sweet celebration by way of lying back and getting emotional in a dark bedroom, or sitting in… a sunny, flower-filled field, or someplace similarly pretty.

Jordan Lee’s delicate lo-fi pop, arranged in a manner that is slightly different, a manner that is just so, has enchanted me since a good friend sent me Spider Heaven in the good ol’ days of 2010. Distinct and realized, Lee’s music builds an intimate alternate reality. I described it as an “enchanted basement” when I first heard it. It overlaps our own, mostly, but everything there is gossamer and shy, more beautiful and… better.

That album also served as my doorway into the communities of lo-fi and ambiance and pop and found sounds and more, along with their online and real life communities. There’s a lot going on here, for me.

For now, I must take time to poor over the “liner notes” of the bandcamp page, where the album is available digitally and on cd and vinyl. Meet me by the “Strong River,” friends. For more information, including the album’s release on newer Brooklyn label Soft Eyes, browse through Lee’s interview with BDCwire. Perhaps we’ll have more thoughts on the album available to read at a later date.

- Tyler Hanan