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"Sounds on Paper" - Mountains for Clouds

Mountains for Clouds are a Chicago band of the style I always have difficulty describing. Part ambient, part progressive, part emo, their largely instrumental tracks are beautiful, layered pieces full of loops and other electronic goodness atop the drums, bass, and guitar. Their EP, Some People Buy Scenery Like This, was released by our friends over at Count Your Lucky Stars on the eighth (along with the E!E!/IIOI split). It is quite good, so if you enjoy “Sounds on Paper,” please support the band for only $5.

Also, Mountains for Clouds are on tour right now with our incredible friends in Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate). Check out the tour dates and go to the shows.

- Tyler Hanan

Child Rebel Soldier - Don’t Stop!

You know the drill by now. GOOD Friday comes and Kanye drops a new track and then I am the fanboy that posts about it. This week is pretty special though because this time around the song comes from Kanye’s super group of him, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco, called Child Rebel Soldier. This is only the second official track by the group so definitely enjoy this and pray for more. Listen up top and download here.

-Kyle Pedersen

Live: The National w/ Owen Pallett

Review + Photos: Malcom Lacey 

            5-piece Brooklyn-based rock group The National descended upon Central Florida this past Wednesday to a crowded House of Blues. After the jump you can find my review and photographs of the show.

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"Blue Blood" - Foals

Foals released their second full length, Total Life Forever, earlier this year. It is a truly excellent album, and anybody who has somehow missed out on it would do well to remedy that now. This official video for “Blue Blood,” the album opener, would be an excellent place to start.

- Tyler Hanan

Mirrorage" - Glasser

By now one can only hope that at least a couple of you have gone out and picked up Cameron Mesirow’s stunning debut LP as Glasser. If you haven’t, hopefully the above track “Mirrorage”, one of the many standouts from Ring, will convince you to shell over 15 bucks to pick it up. While you’re listening, take a peek over at our own Jacob Booth’s review of the record here

[Tour Dates]

- Malcom Lacey

The Hundred in the Hands - s/t

Review: Tyler Hanan [10/8/10]

    Trends are key to everything in life. To succeed in life, we must all watch and understand the trends that are dominating our chosen fields. Stockbrokers are successful because they know the trends and inner workings of the marketplace. They know where the money is, where it was, and where it will be, and make their choices based on these trends. Jumping on one early provides incredible success, and the longer one waits to jump on, the less success they will meet.

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Breaking" - Seeing Suge

Back on the 28th, Manchester based beat-smith Darren Williams shared the track “Breaking” by Seeing Suge (his colaboration with Blackbird Blackbird and hip-hop artist Emay). The song wasn’t available to download at the time so I found myself having to go back and replay the song over and over again. Well, the track was made available earlier today and you can download the song along with three other bonus tracks on Seeing Suge’s bandcamp

- Malcom Lacey

Grunt Tube" - Blue Water White Death

Blue Water White Death’s, the collaboration between Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart and Shearwater’s Jonathan Meiburg, debut s/t LP is currently one of my favorite releases of the year. The record will be available for mass consumption on October 12th. Watch the video for “Grunt Tube” above and pre-order the record yourself here.

mp3// “Song for the Greater Jihad

- Malcom Lacey

Houses - All Night

Review: Kyle Pedersen [10/7/10]

        Reviewing an album without bias is hard to do. You could have previously hated the band due to a poor release, or loved the same band for releasing one of your favorite records. This is not the case for me, and the band Houses. Not only is the album All Night their debut full-length record but also I had no idea they even existed until I was sent this album. Yet somehow I developed a strong bias in their favor. How did this happen? Well that can be answered by letting you know about the back-story to this album and the true artists behind it. It is so touching and moving that I couldn’t help but love this duo before ever listening to the record. I won’t tell you the story here but ask you to go read it on the Lefse Records website and then go purchase this record and develop a love for it yourself.

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Unless you have been under a rock the last few days then you already know that Gatsby’s American Dream, a band of my youth, has reunited. Couldn’t be more stoked about this event. They recently played a reunion show with Forgive Durden in Seattle and here is a great video of them playing their song Theatre for the Seattle crowd. Get stoked on this reunion and for new material.

-Kyle Pedersen