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Tip Of Your Tongue" - Porcelain Raft

Porcelain Raft is an artist who hails from London/Rome, and is a purveyor of expertly crafted dream-pop goodness.  His new 7” drops Nov. 8th via Acephale, and will be limited to 500 physical copies (pressed on some pretty snazzy vinyl.)  He will make his debut in the continental US tomorrow as part of CMJ fest in NYC, and if you are in the area it is surely a show you do not want to miss.  Pre-order your copy of the new 7” here.

- Daniel Winfield

"Go Away My Lover" - Elizabeth & The Catapult

Above is the new single by Elizabeth &  The Catapult, and I must say it’s leaps and bounds ahead of their last record. A more desperate sounding vocal effort, thumping beats, and accompanying hand-claps, this song is perfect for this fall season transcending into winter. Listen above and make sure to pre-order the new album  “The Other Side of Zero” on iTunes

 -Kyle Pedersen

All Night, All Night, All Night" - David Vertesi

In an overflowing genre like folk-rock it’s always nice to find an artist that delivers on lyrical authenticity and pop sensibility alone. Enter David Vertesi, a young Canadian songwriter with a knack for just that. Amalgamating the well-worn theme of enduring love with slow-burning ear catching melodies, it’s apparent that the kid knows what he’s doing. “All Night, All Night, All Night” is the lead single from his upcoming record, Cardiography, set to be released October 26th. 

- Malcom Lacey 

"Kill Your Co-Workers" - Flying Lotus

Everyone’s favorite west-coast beatmaker, Flying Lotus, premieres the new video for his Pattern+Grid World EP cut “Kill Your Co-Workers” over at pitchfork this morning. You can pick up your own copy of the EP over at the BLEEP webstore

- Malcom Lacey

Rae Spoon - Love is a Hunter

Review: Jacob Booth [10/18/10]

       I’ve always found the singer-songwriter genre to be a strange one as the onus of focus is placed almost entirely onto two things: the vocals and the lyrics. It’s so incredibly important to get these two things right as instrumentation, structure, progression, timbre and originality are all backbenchers.Luckily the most remarkable thing about this album is Spoon’s voice. Fragile and trembling, his vocals have an unmediated integrity which fits the album’s themes of love, lust and loss.

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K-X-P - s/t

Review: Tyler Hanan [10/17/10]

         K-X-P, both the band and the self-titled album, are creations that are sneakily good. The constant plodding bass, precise drumming, and electronic beats are, upon the surface, similar to any other such grouping. But as the album slithers along, the music grows in scope and power. It captivates, energizes, inspires. When the first thumping footsteps of “Elephant Man” stomp in, the power of the music is not immediately evident. But as it marches along for almost five minutes, the wonderfully crafted song expands as more and more ambience and drums make their entrances. The volume grows and the atmosphere is built, and the listener’s mind, caught unawares, is ensnared by the careful trap that was laid for it.

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Lawren Harris" - Donovan Woods

I normally won’t do this, but I noticed Donovan Woods wasn’t getting much love a couple days ago when I posted his live performance of “Lawren Harris” for Southern Souls. Since repetition is one of the most effective forms of manipulation I’ll give you the same track again today in .mp3 form for you all to enjoy. Kyle and I have been listening to Donovan’s latest LP The Widowmaker quite a bit this week, as you can see. Pick up a copy of one of the catchiest and most memorable singer/songwriter records of the year on iTunes

- Malcom Lacey

Chiddy Bang - The Preview EP

Review: Kyle Pedersen [10/16/10]

         It’s unfortunate when an artist re-records an old song of theirs and puts it on a new album they are releasing. It’s even worse when said artist re-uses the same popular song without re-recording it or adding extra elements. Meet Chiddy Bang. After the release of a few mixtapes and quickly gaining popularity off their songs “Opposite of Adults” and “Truth” they are back with The Preview EP, an EP that is just that, a preview of their upcoming album. And you guessed it. They re-used both tracks on the EP and did absolutely nothing new to them. A preview of this review would read: This group is not good and all hype is undeserved.

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Live: Matt & Kim

Review + Photos: Malcom Lacey

            Standing near the top of the stairs during the tail end of Matt & Kim’s set, I traded a few words with one of the burly security staff about the Brooklyn dance punk duo’s music. “I downloaded one of their records before the show, just to get to know what I’m working with, and thought they were terrible. But this… This show is incredible.” He yelled into my ear. 

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Come On Come On" - The Poison Tree

King of France frontman Steve Salett will release his self-titled debut under The Poison Tree moniker in March. Until then you can listen to the latest single from the upcoming release. “Come On Come On” is as captivating as it is infectious singer-songwriter material at its carefully crafted best.

- Malcom Lacey