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Come On Come On" - The Poison Tree

King of France frontman Steve Salett will release his self-titled debut under The Poison Tree moniker in March. Until then you can listen to the latest single from the upcoming release. “Come On Come On” is as captivating as it is infectious singer-songwriter material at its carefully crafted best.

- Malcom Lacey

Mt. Desolation - s/t

Review: Cody Nelson [10/15/10]

         I always try to write entrancing introductions. Whenever I go about writing a review, I do my best at making a personal connection to something that can subsequently be connected to the album at hand. I can’t do it this time, though. Why? I know nothing (by choice) about the genre known as country music. Trucks, Skoal, cowboy hats, rodeos, none of these things are interesting to me (or particularly descriptive of country music whatsoever). 30 seconds through an Alan Jackson song, and I’m begging my mom to turn the car radio off. With that said, then, I’m sure my millions of readers are beginning to ask questions. ‘Why are you telling all of us this?’ ‘Is this going to be on the test?’ ‘Have you seen my Stretch Armstrong?’ Well, I’ll explain very soon. All I know is I’m not alone in my distaste towards country, and for all of us, I’ve found a solution: Mt. Desolation.

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Enzymes" - Freelance Whales

Freelance Whales have released a new single titled Enzymes in which you can listen to above. Their latest record Weathervanes is one of my favorite releases this year so I was ecstatic for this single, and it is fantastic. Sounds like natural progression for the band which is what I needed from them.

-Kyle Pedersen

Interview - Brett Netson [Built to Spill]

Interview: Malcom Lacey + Kyle Pedersen [10/15/10]

Built to Spill guitarist and Caustic Resin frontman Brett Netson took a few minutes to talk with Kyle and I this past Tuesday. You can find our lengthy joint-interview with Netson after the jump. 

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Lawren Harris" - Donovan Woods

The Canadian live performance curators at Southern Souls have posted a top-notch performance by singer/songwriter Donovan Woods. His latest record The Widowmaker was released last month. You can pick up your own digital copy on iTunes.

(via Friends With Both Arms)

- Malcom Lacey

Out, Don’t…" - Gauntlet Hair

Gauntlet Hair is an experimental band from Denver, CO. who are equal parts post-punk and electronic dance beats.  Their latest 7” will drop “soon” on Mexican Summer, and the track above is side-A of the upcoming record.  Head here to pre-order your copy of this approaching release, and be sure to dig through the Mexican Summer shop for some other hidden gems.

- Daniel Winfield

Ray Ban Vision" - A-Trak (feat. CyHi Da Prynce)

I’ve been thinking lately that we don’t post enough hip-hop here on NSB. So here’s a ridiculously hot new track from A-Trak featuring G.O.O.D Music upstart CyHi Da Prince this afternoon. “Ray Ban Vision” is the first leak from the upcoming Fool’s Gold Recs compilation LP out October 25th. 

- Malcom Lacey

Across the Loch" - Breathe Owl Breathe

Michigan-based trio Breathe Owl Breathe released their new full-length, Magic Central, on September 28th via Hometapes. Today from my inbox comes the beautiful Magic Central cut “Across the Loch.” You can order your copy of the record on some nice pink vinyl at the Hometapes webstore. Oh yeah, they’ve also got a tumblr.

- Malcom Lacey

Xiu Xiu Digital 7”

Starting today, you can pick up some new music from Xiu Xiu. The band has released a digital seven-inch featuring two new songs, “Razor Scooter” and “Sashay Away,” written about two different children that Xiu Xiu’s Angela Seo worked with at an AIDS orphanage in Kenya. The songs are bundled as a digital download, available exclusively on the band’s website, “Razor Scooter” / “Sashay Away” comes with cover art, lyric sheet, and your choice of format (320kbps MP3, FLAC, or Apple Lossless).  

- Malcom Lacey

Grammy nominated R&B group The Foreign Exchange just released their latest record Authenticity on tuesday. I don’t believe I can adequately describe how good this record is to you all, so go check it out for yourself. Above you can watch part one of the three part short documentary series “Thank You For Listening.” Parts 2-3 are below. 

//pt. 2

//pt. 3

mp3// “Maybe She’ll Dream of Me

- Malcom Lacey